Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orlando MS Bike Ride 2009

So...what does a bike ride have to do with cakes? No much really. Unless you're looking to win a free cake.

Husband and I are raising money for the MS Bike Ride in May. It actually feels like a tall order because in order for us to even be able to participate, we have to raise a minimum of $250...each. So to help us raise this money, we've decided to sell raffle tickets for a cake. Oh, yes...a cake. Something delicious and sweet and pretty.

PLUS - it gives me a reason to make a cake (or cakes since we're giving away three) because I find more satisfaction in making a cake when I have a reason to make it (otherwise it's just a big waste of perfect deliciousness).

Speaking of reasons to make a cake...I will be making a birthday cake for the girls at church. It's a monthly birthday thing we do, and I've volunteered. It'll be next week, but I do have quite a bit of preparation to do for this cake (it's going to be the cutest birthday cake EVER) and I will be sure to provide lots of updates since this is the my first cake since I've started this blog.

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